7'2 x 21 x 3 Mctavish style "Tracker" SOLD

 5'6 Custom Mini Simmons. A more traditional simmons than the Blimp, with flat tail and a fuller hip line, with single concave to keep the wide tail loose. CUSTOM - SOLD

Custom 6'6 1970's inspired pintail with 2+1 set up for added bites CUSTOM - SOLD

9'6 "Rev". V-Bowls / Lovelace inspired design. Wide point back, reverse rocker,Vee to roll with tucked under rail to pinched 50/50 to up in the nose, subtle S-deck. Built for super quick trim and super smooth cutbacks - SOLD

7'7 "E-Bowls" .V-bowls inspired , designed to work in U.K waves. DEMO ME

1960's inspired single fin Mini Simmons - with hand foiled volan side bites for control and drive - CUSTOM - SOLD