Miller Surfboards

Pickled Eggs

Just like every design on the website, Think of the pickled egg as just one of many points along a line of infinite possibilities! In this case that line eventually connects with the 'Carpet'. There are numerable options for pulling in or expanding out widths of noses, tails and middles . Lengths can range from 6'0 (like the Bonzer pictured below) all the way upto 8'0, fin set ups from 1 to 4 and everything in between, and rocker adjusted to suit. Characterised by a low down rail,  pin tail, and flat centre rocker, the Pickled Egg can be anything you need it to be. The green one on the right measures 7'0 x 22.5 x 2.75 and was customised for Tom Flynn who wanted an Egg to enable him to make the most of his local breaks in Ireland, and still allow him to get tucked inside the odd neat little barrel.  The 5 fin set up allows it to be ridden as a 2+1 or quad, or even a single fin. The Egg concept has heaps of scope. Great for short boarders looking to mellow things out, and long boarders looking for something for the bigger days. If you need help deciding between and Egg or a Carpet....drop me a line!