Pricing Guide

All Miller surfboards are constructed using the very best Blanks, resin and cloth available here in the U.K, ensuring you end up with a strong, well built board that will last you many many years to come. 

Please see individual boards on the 'Miller Boards' drop down menu for individual board design prices which include full colour resin tint/s, gloss and polish and fin/s. 

(Boards are also available without a polish to leave a matt sanded finish, this is £10.00- £20.00 cheaper.)

Available Extras: 

Resin bands :

The traditional way of applying decorative bands/designs, and pinlines, before spray guns came along! still considered a dark art by many, the effect is far more striking & bold and has visible depth, particularity when combined with a polish

Single - one side  £15.00 

Double - one side £25.00 

Triple - one side £30.00

Single - both sides  £30.00 

Double - both sides £40.00

Triple - both sides £45.00

Resin Pinlines 

Logs Per side £35.00

Mids Per side £30.00

Shorts Per side £25.00

Volan Cloth 

If you would like your board glassed with volan cloth, 

prices range from £20.00-40.00 extra. 

When glassed with clear resin, volan cloth has a beautiful natural pale bottle green tint.

Fabric Inlays from £30.00